But i have a bad problem. I am having a massive problem with trying to change the date on mine. The firmware is like a bad 9 keychain camera. I cant seem to change the date stamp on my aee md80 cam. You need initial traffic only.

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Just throw it away. The symbols appear to be the standard Stop a square and Record a circle symbols. It is recommended to charge it fully before first use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But i have a bad problem. I plan to use an external USB battery with this one so it will go well over the 2 hours stated. Anyway mine came with an address to download instructions for the md80 hope this helps.

After a lot of tinkering i found this: Mini dv spy camera aee md80 may well be newer versions that do so now.

Camera, Video and Surveillance

Can someone please tell me what that means? The MD80 camera has a built-in Lithium Polymer battery that is supposed to last about two hours. If you want to completely remove it from the system then just camra them blue and right click and click on delete and walla there gone for good.

Does anyone know what kind i should get as i know nothing about technology or conputers. I have mini dv spy camera aee md80 some instructions for my Chinese MD80 camera copy. You need initial traffic only. I have not been able to get it to turn on at all. As expected an absolute piece on junk. I have the chinese version of this camera md80 and trying to set it up as a webcam. It appears that the button can also be used in Sound-activated mode, but this often causes confusion as recording will stop after two minutes without further noise activation.

MD80 Camera Instructions

Mini dv spy camera aee md80 someone please confirm this or please advise? You can tell that Sound-activated mode has been chosen as the red LED flashes about twice a second. I have my first recording with a file name of sup Hi Jack, I have exactly the same cwmera as you video ok ,but no sound in a webcam use.

Is someone able to help me?

I am hoping I get better video outside where focus will wee less of a problem. Some of the difference I see is that the MD has a bit higher Res.

He wants to make only 1 file with longer video. I have formatted it with the 4gb memory card when plugged in to my computer. The tones of the video were normal. The power on button is working, but power off not. Low to High Price: So I did this: Anyone have a link where I can download the drivers?

Good enaught zpy waist your time and money. The red and blue light both stay on without flashing. Most important bits were the precise format of the line in TIME. Your page should go viral. Is there a driver to run the md80 camera on Android? TXT file needs to be in the first root camera directory. Go to mobile site. Does anybody know if mini dv spy camera aee md80 can be done? You can remove the screws at the 4 corners of the camera and separate the halves to remove the MicroSD card from the body of the camera.

Have you tried our MD80 Driver page? Yup — I had the exact same problem with one of mine. So I thinking maybe the accumulator is broken i may try to change it but before maybe someone have this problem before please replay if not I will mini dv spy camera aee md80 I will find out whats wrong minni was working perfectly until few weeks ago. What can I do?

Another real flaw the MD80 clone has is that they do not have a wide-angle lens, making it rather hard to aim the thing properly. Mini dv spy camera aee md80 for the memory card info as well, I wondered myself if it would support a larger card. The camera didnt come with a cd and no device pops up on my desktop. Thanks for the info, very useful. Just received my Chinese MD 80 camera. Cheers and thank you for all the info, Imni. Does anyone else have this issue. I tried to find it in internet but my attemps failed.