I cannot open and play the video. Does anybody know if this can be done? Hi hope you do not mind me advertising this, but this is a guide on how to remove the time stamp for anyone interested, hope this is cool with you admin http: When it is fully charged the blue light stops flashing and just stays on like the red light. In either mode, recording is indicated by the red LED flashing about once a second.

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Thank You a stk02n camera for helping me — email: Have you tried our MD80 Driver page? Attach the tsk02n to stk02n camera Windows PC, it will pop-up as an storage device. But i have a bad problem. Any idea which is correct?

I cant vamera to change the date stamp on stk02n camera aee md80 cam. On average you seem to get stk20n 90 minutes of stk02n camera time, and only uses up about g of card space, so a decent 4g class 4 or class 6 card stk02n camera be ideal. Just received my Chinese MD 80 camera. Glad you found the site helpful! Video exist, but showing a light blue windows, but cannoty see anything except few lines moving in the bottom of the videos.

Anyone have a link where I can download the stk02n camera This site uses cookies: Is this camera supposed to be able to connect to Wi-Fi? Hope I help stk02n camera. I have one of these the chinese version. There are two stm02n on the mains plug — one red, one green.

Stk02n camera of my video sound problems were with rubbish sd cards, however for normal use in cameras games ect the other class 4 work fine. Does anyone know what kind i should get as i know nothing about czmera or conputers. I have the Venom model setting here beside me, borrowed it from a friend. With the original TAG.

Stk02n camera blue light stops flashing when it is fully charged.

If so, stk02n camera idea to correct it? Instructions great and downloaded Skt02n player and bingo! I think my problem might be unique. When I plug it into my PC all that happens is the blue light turns on solid and stk02n camera a few seconds later the red light turns on solid. Another real flaw the MD80 clone has is that they do not have a wide-angle lens, making it rather hard to aim the thing properly.

MD80 Camera Instructions

One was different — stk02n camera date was It also depends on what you are recording…. A cheap chinese creation which sttk02n break your nerves. Pressing the mode button alternates between Normal and Sound-activated recording modes. As expected an absolute piece on junk.

I have tried all possible fixes but I think it stk02n camera be the file on the device that might be causing the issue. Venom made a manual for this camera, I think you can still find it on the internet. I cannot open and play the video. When i put it plug it onto my stk02n camera it cant reat the card inside the DV cam.

However, I note that the download says stk02n camera card 16GB. I will try and find stk02n camera cure will let you know. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. Is there a driver to run the md80 camera on Android? You need initial traffic only.

Under normal conversation the camera does not activate, so this function is useless unless there is a way to change the sound sensitivity.