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Cloud cover, heavy smoke, or tree canopy may completely obscure a fire. Accordingly, the International Union for Conservation of Nature defined universal management categories that stipulate the level of protection for most protected areas.

Palm oil and palm kernel oil were jointly the largest contributor, accounting for 48 million tonnes, or 30 percent of the total output. This data set provides the boundaries for mining permits and prospecting permits for Gabon. A link has been sent to your inbox. Alliance for Zero Extinction See the Data page for details impact of deforestation pdf download specific data sets.

Not currently available for download This data set displays the boundaries of areas designated as comarcas in Panama. Archived from the original on 19 January Overviews are created at m resolution meaning that at scales smaller impact of deforestation pdf download approximately 1: These disaggregated production systems, pose significant challenges for monitoring and traceability throughout the supply chain.

This number represents the extent of tree cover in according to an analysis using global tree cover and loss data from the University of Maryland.

The alerts have been designed for quick identification of tree cover loss as impact of deforestation pdf download happens. This underlines the importance of using previously-cleared land for agriculture, rather the more usual, politically easier, path of distributing still-forested areas. Moderate intensification represents an important tool to help improve pasture and herd management, therefore improving productivity and potentially the profitability of ranching operations.

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Therefore, the associated IUCN category and its description of protection may also vary by country. That is, alerts appear for a downliad period when there has been significant loss in the area during or before that period.

These data are arranged by company group holding the majority shareholding in each unit. The concession grants the holder the right to use and enjoy the natural resource granted and, consequently, impact of deforestation pdf download of the fruits and products extracted. The annual rate of deforestation in the Amazon region continued to increase from to because of factors at local, national, and international levels.

With the largest commercial cattle herd in the world, Brazil is currently at the forefront of both global production pcf international trade.

As a result, what appears on the site and the results of analyses conducted on the site may change over time. Forest tenure is a term that includes ownership, tenancy, and other claims over forests. These protected areas, if fully enforced, would keep an estimated one impact of deforestation pdf download tons of impact of deforestation pdf download going into the atmosphere through deforestation by the year Oil produced from the fruit itself is called red palm oil or just palm oil.

Some social initiatives use palm oil cultivation as part of poverty alleviation strategies. It must also be noted that a full validation of the results incorporating Landsat 8 has not been undertaken. Palm oil formed the basis of soap products, such as Lever Brothers ‘ now Unilever ” Sunlight ” soap, and the American Palmolive brand.

Roads, deforestation, and the mitigating effect of protected areas in the Amazon – ScienceDirect

Retrieved impact of deforestation pdf download February Please enter a valid email address. This data set provides the boundaries for eucalyptus and other plantations in the Republic of the Congo. Therefore, the Legal Reserve represents the area of the property in which deforestation is prohibited.

This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat Protected areas designed to preserve large-scale ecosystems and support human visitation.

Documents – African Development Bank

Tallow has impact of deforestation pdf download wide range of applications, including pet food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products, such as soaps. The land ldf data on GFW, while displayed as a single layer, is assembled on a country-by-country basis from multiple sources.

Download The Liberia logging concessions data set combines the boundaries of forest management contracts, timber sale contracts, and private use permits, compiled by Global Witness from available government and contractual maps.